A Seeking Heart with Allison Gingras: What Does Your Sunday Look Like

June 19, 2018

A Seeking Heart - June 18, 2018 Episode #7 What Does Your Sunday Look Like #FaithintheEveryday


A Seeking Heart - Visiting #PadrePio Heart & Day 1 #newbook Cleansed 09/22/16

September 22, 2016

In This Episode:

  • The chaotic yet moving experience of spending time in the presence of Padre Pio's heart
  • Crazy Catholic Things
  • Started discussion on Marcel LeJeune's new book #Cleansed - The Catholic Guide to Freedom from Porn


A Seeking Heart w/ Allison Gingras Feat. Randy Hain

August 27, 2015
In Joyful Witness, Randy Hain has done something unescapably brilliant: he's gathered everyday heroes and highlighted their saintly efforts. This book isn't just inspiring drivel: it's full of practical tips that even slackers like me can apply. You're going to find yourself unable to not be changed by the incredible stories, the heartwarming examples, and the down-to-earth advice. Even better, you'll be motivated to get off your couch and DO something!
 - Sarah Reinhard, Author and Blogger, SnoringScholar.com
Original Airdate:   January 30, 2015