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A Seeking Heart with guest, Kimberly Cook

A Seeking Heart with guest, Kimberly Cook

October 5, 2021
Allison interviews Motherhood Redeemed author, Kimberly Cook (Tan Books)
In this episode:
* My parakeets decide to join in (now and then) in celebration of St. Francis of Assissi's feast day!! For the record, it is a myth if you cover them up, they'll be quiet. Oh, my family has the best ideas #NOT
*Kim has an amazing story to share -- of the lies she bought into and how the teachings of the Church helped her find balance and joy in embracing all the desires God placed in her heart.
*A historical look at motherhood and St. John Paul II's Feminine Genius 
*Utilizing the God-given gift of MULTI-TASKING!
*Wonderful discussion on Spiritual Motherhood
*Learn more on
A Seeking Heart with guest, Barbara Lee

A Seeking Heart with guest, Barbara Lee

September 30, 2021
Allison speaks with author, Barbara Lee, about her new book, Answering God's Call: a Scripture-Based Journey for Older Adults (Loyola Press).
  • Barbara and I share experience in the law field, though her career was far more illustrious than mine! Still, the lessons we learned there helped us do what God called us to after those careers.
  • The Wisdom of Age and the Enthusiasm of Youth: The Blessing of Cross-Generational Bible Studies (I think that needs to be my next book title!).
  • I shared Bishop da Cunha's newest Pastoral Letter and his poignant question, "What faith legacy do you want to leave?"
  • Barbara's book includes Scripture verses pointing us to amazing role models for the older, more seasoned, adult. 
  • Mariam packed a Tambourine for her journey through the Red Sea - God used her lifelong interest and talents to Glorify Him. He will do the same for with you - so dust off those lyres and harps!
  • Some of my favorites featured stories — Anna at the Presentation (just when she thought her work was through, like Juan Diego, God had a mission for her), St. Joseph's stillness (which is far deeper than just silence), and Peter's Mother-in-Law (healed and immediately wants to serve)!
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A Seeking Heart with guest, Heidi Hess Saxton

A Seeking Heart with guest, Heidi Hess Saxton

September 24, 2021
Allison contributed to a new prayer book for Catholic Mothers: The Ave Prayer Book for Catholic Mothers from Ave Maria Press.  Joining her to discuss this amazing book is the prayer anthologies editor, Heidi Hess Saxton.
In this episode:
* Padre Pio and the ultra coolness of Guardian Angels - including a nifty hint for helping children pay attention and behave better in Mass.
*Building Community with #PrayerStory and #AveMomsPray on Social Media!! Connecting Catholic mothers -- a beautiful side benefit of inspiring Catholic Books!
*Pray Across America Retreats with Heidi, coming soon!! Visit here website-Life on the Road Less Traveled- for more information and find a location near you!
*Allison shares her miraculous intercession from Bl. Solanus Casey!
To preorder the book visit: and use code GINGRAS by Oct. 15th for $18 introductory pricing and Free Shipping!! Available here:
Learn more about Heidi at:
A Seeking Heart with guest, Sr. Mary Ann Fatula

A Seeking Heart with guest, Sr. Mary Ann Fatula

September 16, 2021
What pure joy spending this time with Sr. Mary Ann Fatula, O.P. was!!! Wow! I'd describe her in three words: Gentle, Faithful, Uplifting (and also sweet, inspirational, knowledgeable, encouraging—okay, she clearly touched my heart!)
In this episode, we discuss her newest book, Drawing Close to the Holy Spirit: Keys to a Transformed Life and Joyful Heart from Sophia Institute Press. 
*How do you develop and intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit
*The Holy Spirit, the beLOVEd <~ notice anything cool there ;) brings God's love to us in unexpected ways.
*Learn simple prayers that open your heart to an untapped trillion-dollar treasure! 
 *Lack peace? Feeling Overwhelmed? Need a friend? This book is all that and more!
Learn more at:
A Seeking Heart with guest, Sonja Corbitt

A Seeking Heart with guest, Sonja Corbitt

September 9, 2021
In this episode, Allison enthusiastically dives into Just Rest, Sonja's newest book from Ave Maria Press.  After spending the morning devouring the ENTIRE book before the interview, the Holy Spirit just took this one and ran!! Wow, what an inspiring book!! Scripture ROCKS!
On tap...
*What do Exodus, Hebrews, and Fear have to do with Rest?
*Sonja explains how to L.O.V.E. the Word, a lesson she learned from Mary
*Pop Quizzes and my poor sweet DoorDash Driver :/ 
*What's your "vomit"?
*Promises, Promises - God's to us, the Land of, and much more!
Where you will also find her new amazing podcast series on Practical Tools for Healing and Rest and learn more about her inspiring books. 
Sonja's TV Series can be found on
A Seeking Heart with guest, Ann Garrido

A Seeking Heart with guest, Ann Garrido

September 7, 2021
In this episode, Allison speaks with #Rules_of_Engagement author, Ann Garrido to discuss her new book — 8 Christian Habits for Being Good and Doing Good Online.
*Have you heard of World Communication Day? We discuss several specifically powerful addresses from Pope Benedict and Pope Francis.
*Things to consider when engaging online — clarify your purpose, value the person, KNOW your sources (even legit ones can slant the news, or bait with a  misleading headline).
*What do Moose and Squirrels have in common?
*Remember below every Avatar is a whole person, while we don't want to "feed the trolls" we absolutely want to open doors to meaningful human interaction. Ann gives valuable insights on how to do that, including good questions to ask.
*Prompts to examine our online conscience and become more intentional.
*Sign the #Rules_of_Engagement pledge: ways to be leaven, that small grain in the midst of the all noise of social media that brings Christ's presence into the world.
To learn more visit:
Find Ann on Facebook:  AnnGarridoMin
A Seeking Heart with guest, Claire Dwyer

A Seeking Heart with guest, Claire Dwyer

September 2, 2021
In this episode, Allison speaks with author, Claire Dwyer about her new book, "This Present Paradise: A Spiritual Journey with St. Elizabeth of the Trinity" from Sophia Inst. Press.
*St. Elizabeth is the perfect bridge between the convent and the kitchen - find out how!
*Never Stop Coming to Mass - gripping reasons why!
*Sacred Spaces - connection with those in our world and in our home
*The Power of Intercessory Prayer - godly friends and saint posses
*How does heaven begin here and why should I take note of that?
Links mentioned in Podcast:
A Seeking Heart with guest, Julianne Stanz

A Seeking Heart with guest, Julianne Stanz

August 2, 2021
In this episode, Allison welcomes Start with Jesus author, Juilanne Stanz.
  • Speaks to people in the pews (the everyday Catholic) calling according to their Baptism to be missionary disciple, an evangelist, a witness. Perhaps these seem like confusing terms, Julianne simply explains and empowers.
  • The blessings of the "great pause" of the pandemic (while still acknowledging the pain and suffering which accompanied it as well).
  • Are you a "tabernacle with feet?"
  • An interesting take on one of my favorite quotes from #SaintPosse favorite Ven. Patrick Peyton "The Parish that Prays Together Stays Together." Praying with others can be awkward and even uncomfortable but when lead by the Spirit is awe-inspiring and powerful!
  • Each chapter offers a "Taking Action" section a place to breathe life into what we've learned or experienced in the text. 
Julianne Stanz' website:
Please consider visiting your local Catholic Book Store to purchase your copy of Start with Jesus: How Everyday Disciples Will Renew the Church.
A Seeking Heart with guest, Sam Fatzinger

A Seeking Heart with guest, Sam Fatzinger

July 22, 2021
Allison and Sam chat about her new book, "A Catholic Guide to Spending Less and Living More," from Ave Maria Press.
Discussion included:
  • Lots of balance: In marriage, our priorities, and learning to wait
  • Expectations vs appreciation
  • How Debt can hinder our vocation - whatever that be
  • What does SAM's initials have to do with Financial Freedom?
  • My "Dollar in my Pocket" miraculous awesome God's providence is amazing and trustworthy story!!
How one family is sending 13 kids to college, living debt free — and still plans to retire early (Washington Post)
The Fatzinger's Website:
Buy the book (affiliate link):
A Seeking Heart with Guest, Ivonne J. Hernandez

A Seeking Heart with Guest, Ivonne J. Hernandez

July 15, 2021
In this episode, we discuss Ivonne's new book—The Rosary: Eucharistic Meditations with St. Peter Julian Eymard, Apostle of the Eucharist (Elishebahouse Press).
  • Eucharist as the Real Presence of Jesus - not a symbol
  • Powerful Conversions and Conversations in Adoration
  • Ven. Patrick Peyton - MIRACLE? Sure sounded like one!
  • The connection between Mary and people handing crying babies back to their mommas!! LOVED this analogy!
  • Hard-fought Rosary habits and ongoing battles.
Pray: The Story of Patrick Peyton (Rosary Priest) (new film)
Keeping in Touch with Ivonne:
Purchase the Book HERE: (help a nonprofit by purchasing directly from the ministry!)
A Seeking Heart with Guest, Melanie Rigney

A Seeking Heart with Guest, Melanie Rigney

July 9, 2021
In this episode, Allison visits with Menopause Moments: A Journal for Nourishing Your Mind, Body and Spirit in Midlife, author, Melanie Rigney.
  • The subject no woman can avoid but rarely opens up about
  • Hear about the "year everything dropped"
  • No shame in wisdom, or wrinkles, grey hair, or shrinking
  • The freedom and grace that comes with embracing aging as part of God's perfect plan for us
  • Meno"pause" -- take a breath, be present — Gal 4:10
  • Journaling prompts that make you go hmmmm
Learn more about the amazing Melanie Rigney at:
Rejoice! Be Glad! To purchase Menopause Moments visit: (affiliate link)
A Seeking Heart with guest, Erin McCole Cupp

A Seeking Heart with guest, Erin McCole Cupp

July 5, 2021

Erin spends some time with Allison discussing her new book All Things New: Breaking the Cycle and Raising a Joyful Family (OSV).  Through her ingenious use of the Beatitudes as our "Thou shall DOs," Erin shares tips and tools to help family's find healing, hope, and most importantly build stronger bonds of love!

Discussed in this episode:
  • The "God of Colic" 
  • Surrender is not bad
  • St Joseph clearly a good guy, and someone we can turn to
  • Beatitudes as Guides to Healing and Breaking Cycles!

Don't miss Erin's awesome Rut Buster Quiz -- where she will personally review the results and send you a chapter from her book that is specifically tailored to the rut you are currently experiencing:

All Things New: Breaking the Cycle and Raising a Joyful Family: (affiliate link)

A Seeking Heart visits with Kelly Guest

A Seeking Heart visits with Kelly Guest

July 5, 2021
Topic: Recognizing Depression in Teens from a Parent's Perspective
Kelly Guests shares the warnings signs presented in her own children when battling depression *please note: this is not professional advice but one mother's journey:
*Lost of Interest in Things Once Passionate About
*Lack of Motivation
*Sleeping Too Little or Too Much
*Dropping Grades, plus a few more
She also discusses ways her family found help and healing:
*It is not a parenting fail, it is not about you at all - don't wait to get help
*You can't be your child's counselor
*How to be supportive and walk the journey with your child
For more on Kelly Guest's ministry and upcoming book "25 Saintly Moms" (OSV) please follow her on social media at @nun2nine 
A Seeking Heart with Guest, Nicole M. Caruso

A Seeking Heart with Guest, Nicole M. Caruso

June 17, 2021
Allison and Nicole discuss, Worthy of Wearing from Sophia Institute Press.
  • Feeling beautiful on a normal day
  • Giving yourself space to discover who you are and what you like
  • No greater designer than God!
  • What if you lack the complete ability to put together "a look"
  • And, what if you have no money for fashion
  • Role of First Impressions and Evangelization - Being approachable
  • Understanding your personal story and its role in your style
Truly an inspirational look at fashion, being body and spirit, and a God that adores and adorns us!! Plus don't miss the crazy HOLY SPIRIT & Blessed Mother tag-team WOW moment at the start of the broadcast!
Nicole M. Caruso:
Purchase the Book: (affiliate link)
A Seeking Heart with guest Emily Jaminet

A Seeking Heart with guest Emily Jaminet

June 1, 2021
Today Allison invites Emily on to discuss the Sacred Heart of Jesus devotion:
  • Our conversation in this episode is framed around Emily's awesome book: Secrets of the Sacred Heart: Twelve Ways to Claim Jesus' Promises in Your Life (Ave Maria Press).
  • I had a MILLION sticky notes, it was hard to pick a few topics to focus on, the devotion is so rich and beautiful.
  • Why is this a "Devotion for Our Time."
  • Difference between the world's idea of peace and the peace Jesus gives.
  • First Friday Devotion and Feast of the Sacred Heart - easy ways to push the Spiritual RESET Button.
  • Enthronement to the Sacred Heart - sounds fancy but it is actually as simple as you want to make it. Devotions are flexible and special as you can embrace them in whatever way you feel most comfortable.
Emily Jaminet's website:
Secrets of the Sacred Heart: (affiliate link)
Welcome His Heart:
A Seeking Heart with Author, Lara Patangan

A Seeking Heart with Author, Lara Patangan

May 27, 2021
In this episode, Allison Gingras speaks with Lara Patangan, author of the new book Simple Mercies: How the Works of Mercy Bring Peace and Fulfillment (OSV). Lara and Allison discuss:
  • How Lara's 40th Birthday sparked a year of works of mercy
  • The many ways one can Visit the Imprisoned, including Lara's experience at Florida State Prison,
  • The study that revealed what caring for a young person can mean to future success in their life!
  • Lara's excellent advice to "Do your homework"—there is so much about the faith we don't even know we DON'T EVEN KNOW!
  • Bear Wrongs Patiently -- Allison's Favorite #NOT and the humbling life-changing advice from Thomas a Kempis,
  • The connection between Allison's new obsession with the Animal Planet show: The Zoo, her daughter, and spiritual enrichment
Learn more at
Find the Book Here: (Affiliate Link)
A Seeking Heart with Allison Gingras: Called By Name

A Seeking Heart with Allison Gingras: Called By Name

May 20, 2021
Today, I interview myself about the new WINE: Women In the New Evangelization 365 Daily Devotional—Called By Name.
  • Devotionals as conversation kick-starters for sharing your faith with friends and family
  • Journaling your time with the Scriptures
  • Lord, I believe, help my unbelief!! Should be engraved on everything I own!
  • The gift of grace and some ways God makes it abundantly available to us!
Link for Called By Name Book Bundle (which includes the book, beautiful journal, bookmark, stickers and special vinyl sticker:
A Seeking Heart: Connecting to Christ as a Catholic

A Seeking Heart: Connecting to Christ as a Catholic

May 13, 2021

Focusing on the beauty and blessings of being Catholic. I hope you will tune in (*no guest this episode, just me—because you were on my heart).

*Grace Trifecta: Prayer, Sacrament, & Scriptures

*Prayer: You can't do this wrong, honest, I share some ideas

*Scripture: Do you wonder what's the big deal? It's the best way to learn how to hear God's voice in your life!

*Sacrament: Outward signs of grace, available and mystical - can't beat them and can't find them anyplace else.

**And...the Funny Way God answered my prayer. IT was totally what I needed but not at all what I wanted!

Mary Lenaburg visits A Seeking Heart with Allison Gingras: Be Bold in the Broken

Mary Lenaburg visits A Seeking Heart with Allison Gingras: Be Bold in the Broken

May 6, 2021
Allison is joined in this episode by Be Bold in the Broken: How I Found my Courage and Purpose in God's Unconditional Love (Ave Maria Press) author Mary Lenaburg.  
Discussed, among other things:
  • Getting past comparisons 
  • What are the spiritual benefits of celebration, joy, and encouragement
  • Does gossip make a difference, really? 
  • Receiving God's Love, for real
  • Living what you believe outside your heart and your home!
Learn more about Mary Lenaburg:
Order Be Bold in the Broken (affiliate link):
Danielle Bean visits A Seeking Heart with Allison Gingras: Whisper

Danielle Bean visits A Seeking Heart with Allison Gingras: Whisper

April 29, 2021
Whisper: Finding God in the Everyday by Danielle Bean from Ascension Press ... order before June 4th to receive a free companion journal!
In today's episode we discuss:
  • God's Challenge to See Others as HE does!
  • Falling asleep thinking about Lovely Things!
  • Why I didn't name my daughter Gabrielle
  • Unspoken Agreements with God (You KNOW you have them)
  • Everyday Eucharist 
  • The Benefits of Finding God in the EVERY day in Your Life
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