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What is the greatest fear people have today?

September 13, 2019

What is the greatest fear people have today? Automation taking away the purpose and need for the common man.

#principleoftheday: Is it better to control or give freedom, or a mix? (Control with healthy boundaries/goal posts).

Do we believe humans can control their impulses, leading to intellectual and emotional freedom?

Or that humans cannot control themselves and must be controlled, leading for a need to cage each other or give into a reactionary society that is allowed to go on impulse as “normal”?

Which would build healthier and sustainable societies/communities?

How do you keep people busy when the world’s problems are all solved?

Is my neighbor really my enemy?

Ever notice that there are multiple cures for Cancer?

Have you noticed that we have multiple solutions to the green energy conversation that do not involve agreeing or disagreeing on global warming?

Have you noticed that society seems to be headed into a direction that makes it harder to know or care for your neighbor unless they are "like you"?
With the help of family and friends, I am raising funds personally to launch an event and organization to spark and facilitate conversation on helping emerging technologies that can save lives, overcome trust issues created by a reactive society from a lack of use of those solutions due to fear (False Evidence
Appearing Real).

We hope to build intellectual models through discussing the recognition of Jesus as the Unified Field Theory and how that concept shapes every aspect of life.

From economics, to family relationships, to community life, team building, scientific discovery, artificial intelligence, news, courtship, psychology, church, entrepreneurship, our career, global politics, culture, etc., we hope to reveal through natural discussion among those effected that have influence to change things how Christ brought 12 guys together of different professions, etc., who would not normally get along, towards unity.

We hope to show how we all are actually unified by our carnal and reactive selfish nature and in resisting it to put the interests of all above themselves (Child, Adult, Parent) we can create productivity and massive growth in all aspects of life through creating policies and models that mimic this blueprint left to us by God in care for us...His creation.

In Jesus helping the disciples reconcile this, he showed how all was unified and what it takes to unify people towards being productive in releasing control to God through acknowledgement of the boundaries he set up from the beginning and how every aspect of both the hard and soft sciences as well as history, has only further solidified that fact. We can break the cycle of people seeking control of one another for our own ends by offering the solution prepackaged that lifts all sails appropriately...just as Jesus got even those who wouldn't have wanted to, to share what fish and bread they had with all could eat and stay in fellowship. This was practicing what he had been preaching dynamically (loving your neighbor as yourself).

By reinvigorating this conversation across the board, I hope to show Jesus as the Unified Field Theory, and forge a pathway for those who have been trapped by fear (investors, companies, technologists, government, news, etc.), that if we can re-align ourselves in grace, mercy, and empathy...that many of these solutions can be brought forth with a lot more ease.

Our neighbor is not our enemy, but part of our community who needs just as much care as we do. If we can care about our neighbor as ourselves...despite how they might treat us or be fearful, we may be able to cast out their fear and start a conversation that can bring technologies and cures to the surface that can help all heal.

Anyone can throw trash on the ground and justify that it creates jobs.... but what if instead of working on demanding that someone else pick up our trash, that everyone was released to create something new and worthwhile, or at minimum to be less fearful, and more productive and/or profitable for all.
What if we could heal society from setting the example and following/aligning the principles in a top down approach of kindness with truth, not one or the other separately?

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