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The Will Within with guest Derrick Beach

June 30, 2020

My guest today is Derrick Beach. He is a founding director of the new and innovative global, educational learning environment called the M.O.R.R.E. Institute.

M.O.R.R.E. Institute provides a Means of Redeeming and Revolutionizing Education for students of all ages. Established in 2019, M.O.R.R.E. Institute is recognized by the Texas Office of the Secretary of State as a Domestic Nonprofit Organization.

This organization fosters entrepreneurial and educational innovation through utilization of curricula in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), as well as vocational training, professional development, mental health, and collegiate preparatory studies.


"After seeing the unmet needs in urban communities, Derrick Beach decided
that he needed to do more. "We share the responsibility to ensure that by the time a child graduates from high school, he or she should be ready to fully engage in the growth and development of their community and society as a whole. Our students should be mentally healthy, financially literate, and prepared to succeed." -Derrick "Rashad" Beach

"M.O.R.R.E. Institute provides a service to communities looking to develop their most valuable assets; their people. Everyone can find a place to contribute. Children, like adults, are attracted to passionate, confident, and dedicated people. We desire to cultivate the curiosity and intrinsic genius within every individual who is committed to bettering themselves. By giving to others, we ultimately uplift ourselves." - Errick Johnson

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