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The Will Within Podcast with guest Gary Zimak

February 16, 2020
My guest today once defined himself as the Worry Man but now, through his many books regarding worry, he’s helping countless souls break through their stress-filled existence and answer Jesus’ call to Trust in Him! Through my guest’s former radio show, his current podcast on Breadbox Media, countless guest appearances on TV, other radio shows and podcasts, he openings our hearts and minds to the scripture and it’s message of hope, comfort and support in Christ.  It is my pleasure to bring to you my recent chat with the author of Give Up Worry For Lent (perfect timing btw - Lent is next Wednesday), Gary Zimak.
About Regina Pontes, MBA
Regina is a former Quality Assurance Manager. She’s worked as a QA Manager in the R&D, Entertainment and DOD industries. She’s a former cantor and soloist for the archdioceses of Boston, MA and Los Angeles, CA along with cantor for national functions. She is the Author of a 2019 Catholic Press Association of America and Canada (CPA)  award winning book entitled Perseverance Is Key!: unlocking the internal power of you. She now hosts and produces The Will Within Podcast that shares stories focusing on Hope, Will, Perseverance and Inspiration.
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