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The Storytellers - Episode 030: Joe Daczko

November 5, 2019

This book is for everyone who looks at our society, our culture, our church and ourselves, wondering, "How did we get to this point" and "Can anything be done to make things better?" As this thought hits many of us, we tend to shut down because the issues and concerns seem so big and unsolvable. However, relying heavily on scripture, the wisdom of the saints and Sacred Tradition, this book presents a way of personal transformation that can ultimately result in the changing of culture and society. The simple practice of the Cardinal and Theological virtues requires our will, our actions, and the grace of God to be successful. Therefore, this way of transformation integrates the whole person, body, mind and spirit. This book will inspire you to stand up, take responsibility and be a part of the wave of personal holiness God is calling all men to. This is not an academic treatment and description of the virtues, rather, it is a call to all Catholic and Christian men to sincerely begin practicing the virtues in the quiet and simple moments of everyday human living. It is a call to practice virtue with our family, with our friends, in our workplaces, in church, at the gym, on the highway, everywhere. Not only will we find freedom and joy in practicing virtue in this small and achievable way, but it is the authors contention that the transformation of culture and society begins with individuals and therefore we are all responsible. This book has quotes and questions for reflection at the end of each chapter and is therefore appropriate for individual reflection as well as group study and sharing.

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