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The Dignity Of Women - Episode 014 - Alice von Hildebrand

February 26, 2019

Alice von Hildebrand was close to her PhD in philosophy when she began applying to Catholic colleges - all of which turned her down, despite her strong curriculum vitae, because they refused to hire a women to teach philosophy. Alice had only been in the country for 7 years, speaking French most of her life previously, and at this point desperately needed a job. Hunter College (for women) desperately needed a substitute philosophy professor, so Dr. Von Hildebrand began immediately what would become a very challenging career, finally accepting an early retirement with the lowest possible pension. For 14 years she was paid hourly, with no medical coverage, no tenure, and a teaching schedule that kept her until 10PM, precisely because she was a woman. Dr. Von Hildebrand won an award for excellence in teaching - competing against 600 professors. Alice von Hildebrand joins me on this episode of The Dignity of Women to share her great wisdom on femininity, feminism, and the greatness of faith that distinguishes the two.

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