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The Counter Position Episode 293- Coffee vs. The Sushi Coma, Nap Hacks, Day-pesh Moe-Edd!!, Emojis as Esperanto or Cave Paintings, and Homogenous Cafes Are Boring

March 10, 2017

In this episode a sushi-coma-fied and over caffeinated Andrew talks about sushi, Indonesian waiters, Catholic News Agency peeps, being betrayed by babies, the challenges of not drinking on single Catholic social life, the British espresso nap, the reboot shower, liturgical imagination, ENFPs vs ISTJ in prayer, Stations of the Cross, Depeche Mode vs the Alt Right, Unlimited Data vs Wifi, the bots in your Twitter feed, trying to learn to use emojis, Esperanto, Werner Herzog, The Cave of Forgotten Dreams, Lo and Behold, universal emotional states, a queer cafe on Kickstarter, the Third Place, Goths in Ventura, what is means to be welcome or safe, and…..he threatens to put tin foil in the ceiling of his cafe so people can talk again!

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