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The Counter Position Episode 286- Colorado Weather Drunk, Seeing Unseen Sights at Sight Unseen, Building and Buildings, and Habitable Places Far Away vs. Inhabitable Places Under Right Here

February 24, 2017

In this episode Andrew talks about Denver going from 73 a couple days ago to a full on blizzard with some of the slickest driving he’s ever encountered. Then, he turns to going to see some works by his friend the painter Ali Cavanaugh at the Abend Gallery and their new show Sight Unseen, talks about the disclosure of the Divine in the particularity of the human person, and how the experience of seeing something or someone in person the first time is analogous to what we call “encounter” in the spiritual realm. He moves on to talking about the conceptual design of the new Calix space, the search for a building, and the disappointment of finding cool spaces that are already under contract. Finally, he talks about news stories about 3 new habitable planets found in a system called Trappist-1, the claim that there is an 8th continent under New Zealand, and how the pope watched a circus performance with women in “skin tight” outfits. 

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