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The Counter Position Episode 285- Dancing, Sushi, and Charging Cables As Social Engagement, Free the FoCo, and Developments, Detachment, and Disappointment w/ Calix

February 23, 2017


In this episode, after a riff on the local schizophrenic weather, Andrew muses on dancing and public intimacy, women’s advice on dating, Milo cutting axed from CPAC and the politics of remembering/discussing abuse, Trump making the school bathroom sane again, and a decision to allow women to be topless in Fort Collins, CO. Then, he explores three experiences in public spaces of a stranger buying him sushi, another stranger offering a charging cable, and a free trying to have a loud video conference in his shop. Finally, he announces another stalled out project for Calix, the decision to build a prototype shop in Denver, and his experience of hope, disappointment, and detachment in these goings on. 

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