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The Counter Position Episode 282- Weather Report, Immigrations Frustration, and The Glory of Disappointment in Reality

February 16, 2017

In this episode Andrew, drunk on Vitamin D from a 74 degree day in Denver, talks about the weather, the storms about to hit CA, his experiences of weather in CA, how wearing flip flops makes him want a giant salad for lunch, and how different situations, locations, and conditions in our lives can trigger us to certain actions. Then, after a sidebar on visioning ends before means, he talks a bit about the illegal immigrant woman in Denver holed up in a church basement, the nature of our broken immigration system, and his lack of desire to part of any movement that is going to start deporting people like her. Finally, based on a Robert Barron comment about C.S. Lewis, Andrew delves into the experience of disappointment that comes with any deep experience of a particular beauty, good, or truth, how reality is supposed to disappoint us to keep us moving toward the eternal goods themselves, and how faith in particular fills the role of giving us what our intellect craves but can’t achieve directly.