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The Counter Position Episode 279- TAC and Bigger vs. Better, A Rough Rough Day, Letter to Diognetus on Seeing, and Jesus in a Hotel

February 9, 2017

In this very Counter-Position-ish episode of the The Counter Position, Andrew talks about a rough week, his alma mater TAC getting a new campus in New England, defining better without getting bigger, “crazy beautiful beauty”, existential angst, strategic confusion, physical pain, spiritual desolation, getting a credit card thrown at him, sushi fixes everything, hot-cold-repeat, bourbon, getting a neck massage from a genius songwriter, “The Odyssey of my yesterday”, in praise of the bathroom devotional, the Letter to Diognetus, Msgr. Giussani, respect and seeing two things at once, a story about a priest picking up and street preaching with Jesus disguised as a homeless dude with a lazy eye that looks up, whether Jesus would like a night off in a hotel room, why we don’t list the name of fashion models in spreads, and recognizing the made. 

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