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The Counter Position Episode 277- Political Fatigue, CSD and False Dichotomies, A Dead Mycenaean Warrior Critiques the Alt-Right

January 31, 2017

In this episode, Andrew, in his early morning mode, recaps his weekend including reading Wendell Berry, Duckie’s 40th, drinking with the Catholic famous, using math to envision the life of a coffeehouse, and mass in light of sex and Seinfeld. Then, he explores how he and all around him are already fatigued by the toxic nature and sheer volume of political commentary and news, including people deleting Facebook, his own political nightmare, and healthy rabbit trail on his take on global warming/climate change. Finally, Andrew returns to the archeological story of the grave of a Mycenaean warrior near the Palace of Nestor, how collaboration and sharing of culture is at the root of the West, and a defense of talking about the West and Western culture as something to be lost without being “alt-right”. 

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