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The Catholic Man Show - When, Where, and Why of the Incarnation

November 27, 2020


Why did the Incarnation happen when it did? Dr. Richard Meloche, President of the Alcuin Institute, joins us to discuss this and the Regensburg Address

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About the Topic:

We take a unique reflection on the Incarnation with our guest, Dr. Ricahrd Meloche. We ask why Christ was born during the time period he was and what the significance of this. We look at Pope Benedict’s Regensburg lecture while enjoying a sip of whiskey and puffing on a pipe.

About The Alcuin Institute:

Officially launched on Oct. 7, 2018—the feast day of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary – the Alcuin Institute is an educational and cultural institute that oversees the formation of Catholic leaders and educators throughout the Diocese of Tulsa & Eastern Oklahoma.

The Alcuin Institute for Catholic Culture seeks to cultivate in the Diocese of Tulsa & Eastern Oklahoma forgotten, and often forbidden, realities—such as virtue, chivalry, valor, self-denial, a fondness for things of the past, and the real mirth found in friendship in order that truth, goodness, and beauty may prevail. In doing so we hope to become a bastion for authentic Catholic culture.

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