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The Catholic Man Show - Sundays should look different

March 27, 2020


About our drink:

The “single malt” designation means that the whiskey was distilled in a single distillery. GullyTown is the first single malt whiskey that Restless Spirits has produced — the rest of their line is exclusive imports from Ireland or blends. Find out more here.

About our gear:

A cordless drill is the most important power tool you’ll buy. It’s the one you’ll rely on for big projects, such as building a deck and remodeling a kitchen, and for smaller tasks, like installing fixtures and assembling furniture. You might even need your drill to service other tools. See which cordless drills suggests.

About our topic:

Sundays have to look different than the rest of the week. It is even more of a challenge currently with public Holy Masses canceled. We talk about it this week and give some ideas on what to do.

About our drink: Gullytown Double Barrel Single Malt

About the gear: Cordless Drill

About our topic: Sundays should look different


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