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The Catholic Man Show - Role of the Father, according to Exorcists

February 7, 2020

Roles of a father

The Father of a family has real spiritual authority and influence over his wife and children. We talk about it on this episode

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We are looking for a few men who are taking their faith seriously.

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The 15 points we make in the episode:

1.     Living in a state of grace.

2.     Shutting the gates against demons who may enter by means of the father.

3.     Blessing the family daily.

4.     Ensuring the home is blessed.

5.     Utilizing and teaching about all the sacramentals.

6.     Ensuring the quick acquisition of all the Sacraments.

7.     Using the binding prayer personally and over the family as needed or discerned

8.     Blessing all objects that enter the home.

9.     Discerning all objects that enter the home.

10.  Blocking all evil music or television or toys from entering the home.

11.  Ensuring proper communication and forgiveness in the home.

12.  Ensuring, in the home, the knowledge of, and obedience to, all the teachings of the Church.

13.  Ensuring proper Catholic cultural and liturgical celebrations throughout the year.

14.  Avoiding excesses and ensuring virtue and moderation in the home.

15.  Ensuring that the discipline of children is both loving and just.

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