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The Catholic Man Show - Public Discourse with Dr. John Cuddeback

October 16, 2020


Dr. John Cuddeback joins us to discuss why we are so bad at public discourse.

About our drink:

We didn’t have a featured drink in this episode. It was recorded at 7am… we had to go to work… moderation.

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True Friendship: Where Virtue Becomes Happiness

We all want true friends. But how many of us know what friendship is? “Friendship: The Art of Happiness” explains what friendship is, why we seek it, and why it is often hard to find. Philosopher John Cuddeback deftly weaves the timeless wisdom of the Greeks and Sacred Scripture into a practical wisdom that will show you the path to the most rewarding of human achievements – being a friend.

About the Topic:

Here’s Dr. John Cuddeback’s article we mention in the episode.

Why are we so bad at public discourse? Why can we not have civil conversations anymore? How do we cultivate good conversations within our family and teach our children to have good quality conversations? We discuss this and more with Dr. John Cuddeback in this episode. (Make sure to watch the full episode on Youtube)

About our Guest:

From Dr. John Cuddeback:

In my quarter-century as a philosophy professor, I’ve been exposed to much wisdom. I try to understand it, and I want to share what I have found.

Being married twenty-five years and raising six children has also brought a few hard-to-see things to light.

I have known the struggles of being a husband, father, friend, employee, and citizen in very confusing times.

The travails of the household—as experienced by husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, children, and others—especially consume my attention and are close to my heart. The way forward is not easy, but we can search for it and travel it, together.

My search is for refreshing and revitalizing waters from a good place. Peaceful yet challenging, silent but powerful, old as the hills and exactly what we need today.

I want to reconnect with what we already know, or at least that we can know. It’s both deep within us, and it’s out there. We need to find it, and I know we can.

My goal is a more fully human life, in its many facets, lived together in community and in life-giving relationships. I hope we can work toward this together.

Visit Dr. John Cuddeback’s website – Life-Craft

The Catholic Woodworker:

Want to help your child grow in virtue and have prudence in public discourse? Check out The Catholic Woodworker’s St. Thomas Aquinas Home Altar.  There is a prayer on the back for “students”, and a good reminder that we are all students.  In the case of public discourse we should look to St. Thomas Aquinas as inspiration for how to study, and how to argue well and charitably.

Home Altar

Prayer Card

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