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The Catholic Man Show - Eucharistic Miracles with Angelo Libutti

January 1, 2021


Chatting with Angelo Libutti on the new Eucharistic Miracles he is directing

About our drink:

2020 Niles Krupnik

Krupnik is a traditional sweet alcoholic drink similar to a liqueur, based on grain spirit and honey, popular in Poland, Belarus and Lithuania. Each year the Niles men get together to make their own batch.

About our gear:

pyx (Latinpyxis, transliteration of Greekπυξίς, boxwood receptacle, from πύξος, box tree) is a small round container used in the CatholicOld Catholic and Anglican Churches to carry the consecrated host (Eucharist), to the sick or those who are otherwise unable to come to a church in order to receive Holy Communion. The term can also be used in archaeology and art history to describe small, round lidded boxes designed for any purpose from antiquity or the Middle Ages, such as those used to hold coins for the Trial of the Pyx in England.

About the Topic:

Eucharistic Miracles happen every day yet we don’t take the chance to talk about them to others. This week we talk to Angelo Libutti who is directing a movie about Eucharistic Miracles. Learn more about the project here.

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