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The Catholic Man Show - Canon Law Questions with Fr. David Webb

October 9, 2020


Code of Canon Law with Fr. David Webb

About our drink:

Kurayoshi Sherry Cask

A sherried expression from the Kurayoshi range, created by little-known Japanese whisky producer Matsui Shuzou (also known for sake and shochu). These whiskies are blended malts, made with whiskies distilled in Scotland and shipped over to Japan, where they’re blended with Japanese whisky.

About our gear:

The Code of Canon Law

Here’s a study edition that would be cool to have as a reference.

You can access the code of canon law on the Vatican website.

About the Topic:

What is the Code of Canon Law? Why is it important to Catholic dads? Is it infallible? We discuss these questions in this week’s episode with Fr. David Webb.

About our Guest:

Fr. David Webb is the Associate Pastor of Christ the King Parish and Chaplain of St. Philip Neri Newman Center at the University of Tulsa

Here’s a great introduction to Fr. David Webb.

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