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Setting the Record Straight - The Subtle Lever That Toppled 32 Countries

July 13, 2019

An Old Civilization vanished. It had been millions of years old, climaxing in the magnificence of Christendom/Catholicdom. In the USA it was replaced by layers of mutually intolerant civilizations called Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z, etcetera. Was this just natural ‚Äúprogress‚ÄĚ? No. It was the result of a carefully executed cultural project executed in full view. Although many deny its existence, this Culture War succeeds the same way every where, beginning with Bismarck, and continuing with Soviet subversion, the Chinese Cultural Revolution, and the Communist takeover of 32 countries after World War Two. The subtle lever of Public Schools and the hoax of Peer Group socialization were inserted under societal foundations toppling countries into a world in which governments became the parents.

Short stories by Catholic Authors that present a positive image of the Catholic Church.

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