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Setting the Record Straight - The Age Of Illumination vs The Darkening

July 27, 2019

Light ! The brilliance of God’s grace that illumines our lives reached its peak in the 13th Century. Some call it ”The Greatest Century”, but it should be called “The Age of Illumination”. The most apt symbol of the 13th century is the ingenious Basilica of Saint-Denis which was created by Abbot Suger to open the inner space to streams of sunlight. Following the 13th Century was the hyper-rational era called “The Enlightenment”. It should be called “The Darkening”. “The Darkening” shut out God’s guiding light and has led civilizations, following mankind’s perverse inclinations, down into one murderous revolution after another. In contrast listen to the magnificent and delightful effects “The Age Of Illumination”.

Short stories by Catholic Authors that present a positive image of the Catholic Church

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