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Salt and Light - Episode 52: Drunk on Jesus

January 24, 2019

We can all pretty much recite the major parts of the Wedding at Cana from the Gospel of John (John 2), but have we truly understood all of layers the St. John intended in his unique style of writing? In this episode, we walk you through the intricate details of this Gospel passage and show you how it illuminates a myriad of other Truths about Jesus' nature, the Blessed Mother's essential role, and how it affects every moment of our lives in Christ. We take you from Genesis to Revelation in this episode. Join us!

Also, we have a MAJOR announcement as well! This entire episode is available as normal in audio format on our website or any podcasting app you enjoy, BUT it is also available in video format WITH an extended portion of the show where Chuck and Annie continue the discussion and Annie demonstrated different types of veils and tips on how to keep themin place! This exclusive content, gifts, and more are available by supporting Salt and Light on patreon.

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Taylor Schroll, Kathryn Alva, Hilda Sanchez

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