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Salt and Light - Episode 43: All Saints Day All in the Family

November 1, 2018

Happy All Saints Day to our Salt and Light community! We hope that more than a year after starting this little apostolate, we have helped in some small way to point you to Christ and help you grow in love for Him striving for Sainthood!

On this episode, Annie is joined by a special guest (at the request of the Frank Friar) Audrey Horn. It would be quite difficult to find two more different sisters. Annie and Audrey highlight these differences on the show to have some fun but also to demonstrate how in our vast differences we are both pointed in the same direction and mightily striving for Sainthood! How alike or different are you from your siblings? Does it affect your relationship positively or negatively? Do you sanctify each other and help each other on your spiritual journeys?

Check out Audrey’s Webpage for her blog and other awesome life hacks:

Join us on this unique episode of the Salt and Light podcast!

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