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#principleoftheday: Emotional Intelligence - EQ vs. Intuition

November 11, 2019

#principleoftheday: #EmotionalIntelligence vs. #intuition.

Am I the accuser taking on God’s role, or am I looking at the situation circumspectly?

Am I focused on what I want over caring for people or focused on caring for people and as a result receiving what I want?

Am I focused on this earth and what I gain here, or the next?

Am I projecting what I want to see to justify my poor actions (demanding grace for me) while expecting to impose harsh punishment upon those committing similar acts (demanding perfection towards me)?

Those needing power will often demand others to agree with them and will gain those that do.

Someone with friends who are willing to stand up to them, rather than conform to their viewpoint to justify their wrongdoings as good, has real friends.

The latter creates and befriends only sycophants.

Those who prefer sweet lies will not be thankful for harsh truths, and only regard people as kind or friendly, unless they aren’t willing to confront them and allow them to commit harm to anyone they rationalize as suitable.

Those who regard their harsh truths as accurate without ever doubting their accuracy are blind to how they hurt themselves and others.

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