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Off the Shelf - Episode 205 with Fr. Ubald

February 26, 2021

In April 2019 I had the privilege to connect with Father Ubald Rugirangoga to discuss his recently released book  Forgiveness Makes You Free. It was a wide ranging interview  that covered a lot of ground and really pulled the layers back on how simple forgiveness can be. I shelved that episode for quite some time as the audio wasn't the best. Father's connection was via cellphone and with his accent some of what he said was a bit hard to hear. 

Earlier this year on  the evening of January 7,  Father Ubald passed away of complications from Covid-19. On that day we lost a great priest. Many whom I know who had the great blessing of knowing Father and interacting with him lost a dear friend.  I cannot keep this audio shelved any longer. Here is the raw audio for you to hear the words of Father Ubald one more time. May it serve as a testament to the great love Father had for Jesus Christ.

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