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Off the Shelf - Episode 194 with Joe Knopp and Daryl Lefever

September 29, 2020
If you follow me on social media, and many of you do, I have made no secret since about July /August where my allegiances lie in this election and I have clearly stated MULTIPLE times why. This election is not Right vs Left. It's good vs evil. THAT’s why the new film The Trump I Know is so very important because the Left controls our airwaves and have spent over 3 years portraying Donald Trump to be something other than what he really is. Filmmakers Joe Knopp and Daryl Lefever join me this week to give their thoughts on this election, what it means to the future of this country, and what their experiences were interviewing the strong women who know Donald Trump best. The real Donald Trump, and not the media portrayal of him. Learn more about the film at


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