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Mary’s Touch - Thanksgiving

November 21, 2018
This weekend we will replay Sister Nancy Usselman on this week's Mary's Touch Radio Program.   
  • Sister Nancy Usselman, FSP, grew up in St Louis, the third of four siblings. She was a passionate soccer player, playing year round. She met the Sisters through her older cousin who always wanted to be a nun since the third grade. Her cousin visited a Pauline Books & Media Center and, while she was gawking at them from behind a bookshelf, one of the sisters invited her to a day of recollection. She answered, "Can I bring all my cousins?" So, young Nancy went along with her four cousins to keep them company, since she was not interested in being a Sister. But after she met the Daughters and saw that they preached Jesus through movies, music, and books, she realized, "That's the kind of nun I would want to be." After finishing high school, Sr. Nancy and her cousin entered together. Nancy was 17 years old, and her family didn't expect her to stay. Surprisingly, her cousin left after three months, got married, and now has 8 children...and Sr. Nancy stayed!


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