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Living Witnesses: 33 Days to Morning Glory Day TWENTY-ONE

March 11, 2015

Julie Mussleman & Marybeth Finster join Mary Graham for 

33 Days to Morning Glory Day TWENTY-ONE  (03/11/15)

Day 21 of 33 Days to Morning Glory

Be the One (with Mary)

In today's meditation, we consider the very essence and summary of Mother Teresa's Covenant Consecration from yesterday. In 5 words it is:
Be the One with Mary.

We are to be the one to satiate the thirst of Jesus. (I am also reading Fr. Gaitley's book Consoling the Heart of Jesusand in that book he gives a full explanation of being a "consoler" and satiating the thirst of our Lord for souls.) Mother Teresa recognizes that Mary is the one who is the spouse of the Holy Spirit, or THE Consoler, and therefore, completely filled with the Holy Spirit, her spouse, Mary most perfectly is able to satiate the thirst of Jesus and console him.

I would also like to highlight the 3 trademark virtues of Mother Teresa:
1. total surrender to God
2. loving trust
3. perfect cheerfulness

As we move toward consecration, may we all pray the closing prayer (from page 83)
"Come, Holy Spirit, living in Mary... Help me to "be the one" to console Jesus with Mary."




For the next 33 days, we will be preparing for Marian Consecration on the Living Witnesses show. Consecration day will be the Annunciation on March 25. I would like to invite everyone to join us!! Each day we will read the daily readings and reflection questions on the air.



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