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Living Witnesses: 33 Days to Morning Glory Day TWENTY-NINE

March 19, 2015

Michelle Procaro & Julie Musselman join Mary Graham for Day 29 of the 33 Days to Morning Glory.

Day 29 of 33 Days to Morning Glory

Review and synthesis
St. Louis de Monfort
These final days before consecration we will review what we have learned so far with just three words 
each day.  For St. Louis de Montfort the three words are: Passion, Baptism and Gift.

We learned that St. Louis' natural passion was turned into zeal for the faith. To increase our zeal,

 we fly to Mary. Her spouse the Holy Spirit will then will us with fire.

At our baptism we became part of the body of Christ. But it is Mary who helps us grow in that 

baptismal grace. She always leads us to Christ so that we no longer live but Christ lives within us.

If we give ourselves to Mary we will receive the incredible gift of herself and takes us quickly and

 completely to Jesus.

For the next 33 days, we will be preparing for Marian Consecration on the Living Witnesses show.
 Consecration day will be the Annunciation on March 25. I would like to invite everyone to join us!! 
Each day we will read the daily readings and reflection questions on the air.


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