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Living Witnesses: 33 Days to Morning Glory Day TWENTY-FOUR

March 14, 2015

Day 24 of 33 Days to Morning Glory

Mary's Retreat (Day One)

Mary's vocation to be our spiritual mother was not revealed to her all at once.

 Just like us, she was a pilgrim of faith. She pondered in her heart all the different 
things that happened day by day. She had to give her "yes" not just once at the 
annunciation, but over and over again. So too do we.

If anyone feels this book is just giving too much emphasis to Mary, consider what 

Fr. Gaitley writes on pg 93 quoting Pope John Paul, "for it must be recognized 
that before anyone else it was God himself, the Eternal Father, who entrusted 
himself to the Virgin at Nazareth."

Read and re-read this day's meditation. It goes over the scriptural events of Mary's life. 

We do well to get to know Mary more and more each day.
~Julie Musselman



For the next 33 days, we will be preparing for Marian Consecration on the Living Witnesses show. 

Consecration day will be the Annunciation on March 25. I would like to invite everyone to join us!! 

Each day we will read the daily readings and reflection questions on the air.


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