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Living Witnesses: 33 Days to Morning Glory Day TWENTY

March 10, 2015
Julie Mussleman & Marybeth Finster join Mary Graham for 33 Days to Morning Glory Day TWENTY

Day 20 of 33 Days to Morning Glory

A Consecration Covenant

The Missionaries of Charity, founded by Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta has a consecration covenant with Mary. In it we read that we give her 12 duties including giving her all we have, placing total dependence on her and being faithful in prayer. Mary's duties to us then include giving us her spirit and heart, possessing and transforming us and purifying our actions.

Read the full list of duties on page 80. It is a beautiful exchange.




For the next 33 days, we will be preparing for Marian Consecration on the Living Witnesses show. Consecration day will be the Annunciation on March 25. I would like to invite everyone to join us!! Each day we will read the daily readings and reflection questions on the air.


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