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Liturgy Live - Trinity Sunday - Ponder the Trinity

June 11, 2019

This week on the podcast we talk about pondering the Trinity. How it is so difficult to teach the mystery of the Trinity because all examples that we try to use fail. Trying to describe the Trinity is the easiest way to accidentally stray into heresy. We accept by faith and ponder the mystery, and allow it to inform and inspire us. The first reading we talk about how Christ is created wisdom, and how in the mystery and wonder of creation he delights in us. Even in our brokenness. God sees that we are searching for Him even if we are looking in the wrong places. In the second reading we discussed the Theological Virtues of Faith Hope and Love, and how it is a continual process. Suffering creates endurance, this process helps us understand the hope and can finally see the Love that the Holy Spirit has poured into our lives. In the gospel section we discuss how the Holy Spirit informs our hearts and minds, we are not alone in the Church.

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