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Liturgy Live - Easter Sunday - The Good News

April 19, 2019

This week on Liturgy Live we talk about the closing of Lent and the finishing of the race. That we do not enter Easter rested, we enter Easter exhausted and tested. The first reading we go into the Preaching of Peter to the Gentiles and how important it is for us to hear this Kergyma, Gospel, like we are coming to church for the first time. The Holy Spirit has the power to move hearts this Sunday and we need to pray that He does. Going into the second reading we discuss the responsibility we have to keep our minds on Christ and on the things that are above. That some reject Christ because they do not want this responsibility to change how they think, and then change how they act. In the Gospel we talk about John waiting for Peter and how it is a allegory of the mystical/contemplative life in the church arriving at faith first but having to be patient for the Magisterium and it's teaching.