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Liturgy Live - Ascension of the Lord - Stay and Wait

May 28, 2019

This week on the podcast we discuss a lot about waiting for the Holy Spirit. Discussing the first reading we ponder the Ascension from the perspective of the Apostles. How did they feel? What were they going through? We discuss how hard discernment is, and how hard it is to wait for the Holy Spirit to act. We discuss the gifts given by the Holy Spirit "so that we may know". We, as humans, have spiritual amnesia, God is always giving His people gifts so that they will "know" Him. This ties into the discernment of spirits and how silence is so important to open the "eyes of our hearts" so that we can come to know God. In discussing the Gospel we go back to the topic of Discernment in daily life and in direction of life in general. How do we know what God wants from us?