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Liturgy Live - 3rd Sunday in Easter - Worthy to Suffer

May 1, 2019

This week on the podcast we talk about how in the first reading, Peter is no longer under the authority of the Sanhedrin. He is in the Spirit and has the courage to face the punishment that comes from proclaiming the Gospel. We talk about fear of being publicly Christian and how we can process that fear, Imagine and explore the fear, analysing it, and then turning it over the Christ in the Jesus prayer. In the second reading we talk about how the entirety of creation is worshipping the Lamb, and the One who sits on the throne. We touch on the importance of numbers in Salvation History and the Book of Revelation. Then we move to the Gospel and explore Jesus' asking Simon (Peters given name) if he loves him. Jesus accepts the imperfect love of Peter and gives him his mission.

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