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Liturgy Live - 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Martha Martha

July 16, 2019

This week on the podcast we talk about service through suffering. In the first reading Alanna connects the symbolism of the story to the symbolism of the New Testament. Service in suffering under the "tree" brings forth fruit, and new life. Abraham serves God with a good and ordered attitude and does not complain to the Lord. His service through the suffering brings forth the announcement of the upcoming birth of Isaac. In the second reading we talk about St Paul and when he talks about the sufferings that are lacking in Christ. We discuss what that really means mystically and how we are to participate in it. Specifically we focus on praising God in the midst of our sufferings. In the Gospel we review the story of Martha and Mary, and we touch on the active vs the contemplative life. What was really happening in this story and why did Jesus respond to her in this way? We also touch on how physical busyness can lead to spiritual sloth.