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God: The Podcast - Episode 2 - Superman

October 5, 2017

This week, we talk with author, historian, and scholar, Jamie Groover about SUPERMAN as a path to transcendence. Big thanks to Collectables Etc. for hosting our talk. And here's the reading list Jamie mentioned:

Birthright OR Secret Orgin, depending on which one they think looks cooler.

Superman for All seasons #1-4 "Return to Krypton" (Superman vol 1 #141)

"Superman Under the Red Sun" (Action Comics vol 1 #300)

Superman vs Muhammad Ali

"The Man from Transilvane!" (Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #142-143)

"The Living Legends of Superman" (Superman vol 1 #400)

"For the Man Who has Everything" (Superman Annual #11) 

"The Secret is Revealed!" (Superman vol 2 #2)

"Death of Superman" (Superman: The Man of Steel #17-19, Superman vol 2 #73-75, Adventures of Superman vol 1 #496-497, Action Comics vol 1 #683-684 and Justice League America #69) 

"Reign of the Superman" (Action Comics vol 1 #687-691, Adventures of Superman vol #500-505, Green Lantern Voume 3, #46, Superman vol 2 #78-82 and Superman: The Man of Steel #22-26)

"Fire in the Sky/Heaven on Earth" (JLA #6-7) 

"Of Thee I Sing" (Hitman #34)

"22 Stories in a Single Bound" (Superman Adventures #41)

"Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes" (Action Comics vol 1 #858-863)

"The Last Days of Superman" (Superman vol 1 #156)

All Star Superman 


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