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Forte Catholic Ep 212-Chicken Soup, Catholic RPG & the Church’s Best Kept Secret w/Mark Shea

November 6, 2020

The guys recorded on election day so just wanted to bring you people joy as you listen today. And we think we delivered ;) We brought back the fan favorite segment "Chicken Soup for the Schroll" with positive and heart-warming stories.

At long last, guests are once again a thing on the show as Mark Shea joins us to share the Church's best kept secret(oooo intriguing). It was a really helpful conversation in light of what our country is going through this week.

Finally, Taylor invented a new game where he and Fr. Anthony are beginning a Role Playing Game where they have to decide what kind of Catholics they will be. It was meant to be silly(and it was) but ended up shedding a lot of light on our spiritual lives lolol. Play along at home!

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Episode art by Rebekah Landry.

Special Guest: Mark Shea.

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