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Forte Catholic Ep 174-Girls dads, Super Bowl & Taylor’s (Prot) Best Friend

February 7, 2020

Jon Blevins cohosts AND IS NOW A GIRL DAD! The guys discuss fatherhood: the joys, difficulties and expectations vs. reality.

Then Taylor's best friend joins the fray. He's in town visiting so Taylor brought him on the show. Don't tell anyone, but he's Protestant. So we mostly ask him why he's not Catholic and he shares insight into Taylor's childhood. Really a grand ol time!

In the final segment, Jon and Taylor discuss the Super Bowl and share their respective rants on the Halftime show. Twas fun :)

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All music used on the show is by Brandon ‚ÄúBeTheSymbol‚ÄĚ Morel. Find his music at

Episode art by Rebekah Landry.

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