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Forte Catholic Ep 166-Surfing & Baseball w/Fr. Tim Grumbach, Jury Duty & Adios Beard

December 20, 2019

Liv Harrison is back from the dead to cohost as Taylor shares his jury duty story from the day of recording this show. Our country is founded on separation of Church and State but maybe they're more similar than we think.

Our guest this week is Fr. Tim Grumbach who definitely doesn't want to be called the Surfing Priest. They chat about Taylor and Father's baseball rivalry, which team Mary belongs to and more. Taylor then tries to learn more about Mary but Liv ruins it. Maybe next time...

In the final segment, Taylor promised Liv she could talk about her recent illnesses and how that's gone but mostly just talks about shaving his beard instead. Yayyyy!

All music used on the show is by Brandon ‚ÄúBeTheSymbol‚ÄĚ Morel. Find his music at

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