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Footsteps to Heaven - Heroic Priesthood in Today’s World

January 15, 2020

Episode #57: Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and Cardinal Robert Sarah have co-authored a new book entitled, “From the Depths of Our Hearts”. Ignatius Press editor Father Joseph Fessio in a press release said that book is about, “as Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI describes it in his first paragraph: ‘the lasting crisis that the priesthood has been going through for many years.’ But it is about more than that; it is about the nature of the Church and of Christian discipleship. This is a book that all should read. It is powerful and personal – from the depths of their hearts.”

Terry Modica shares snippets from this book and puts it into the context of what a Good Shepherd is. She helps listeners understand why Benedict XVI and Cardinal Sarah insist that celibacy is essential in the life and ministry of priests. This type of priesthood – the heroic priesthood – is necessary in today’s world, and anything less than that is an abomination of Holy Orders because it harms people’s salvation.

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