Breadbox Media

Episode 9: The Whaley Show

August 3, 2018

In this episode: travel mea culpas, Denver plans, priests as wingmen,Northeast Minneapolis reflections, Edith Stein, vocation and waiting, coffeehouse reports, Gamay in Burgundy, ethnic parishes, and a lot more. Then, Andrew talks about the current flare up of scandals in the Church, McCarrick, the new PA grand jury report, abuse in the Church, the tone deaf responses from bishops, and frustration over this all again. Finally, he kind of snaps, calls for collars and mitres to pulled from anyone who knew about any of this, calls for the burning and salting of seminaries that still have the culture that produced this stuff, shares publicly for the first time his own clerical abuse history, and makes a pitch for a married priesthood in the Roman Rite as a way to get an infusion of firm natural masculine character in the pulpit and at the alter.

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