Breadbox Media

Episode 8: The Whaley Show

July 20, 2018

In this episode: back on planes, getting swoll, a recipe for meta beef stock, didn’t blind trust of the intelligence community get us into Iraq?, the irony of guys in Che Guevara shirts protesting a rich white capitalist not taking a former KGB agent to task like Ronald Reagan did the USSR, Obama’s speech on the 100th anniversary of the birth of Mandela, Obama vs. the shout down culture, Fox shout down culture, callout/shoutdown vs. wonder on FB, poop vs a kosher cafe, what happened to anti-Semitism, designer babies, Gattaca, mutant zombie baby army, Alexander the Great, mummies, The One, death metal sign language, vibration as hearing, reality over experience, the Great Electric Fish Fiasco of TAC, the value of the other if understanding is your goal, the necessity of doors that lock for hospitality to be meaningful,  a repeated call for a generous and orderly embrace of the refugee and the alien as a good to be welcomed, and so...much...more.

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