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Episode 6: The Whaley Show

July 6, 2018

In this very Whaley episode with something offend or confuse everyone:  mea culpas for a week off, DNA and humidity, lemons as transporter/kick in the gut, Mom report = Mom is killing it, diet on track, massive shout out to Shrine Coffee, StoryBrand, Unrepeatable, narrative as a pattern, political rant with border babies, abortion, defending Trump by saying Obama did it, the last honest journalist at NPR, ICE, Obamas immigration record in contrast, Independence Day narrative rant with a reflection on America being wrong, but so was everyone, a short history of the world, and the beauty of the American Experiment, at least on paper, freedom and religion, what is freedom for, open borders being exploited gets you taken over and your culture supplanted- we did it- its called America. 


Finally, after a long aside…your story to sainthood, sucking air = a story for your sainthood, Thomas Merton, Aquinas, ideas in the mind of God, the search for self, functioning as designed = sainthood, recap of the structure of story, the hero’s journey, being aware of where you are in your story, awareness and frustration in desire, Disarming Beauty by Julian Carron, The Religious Sense, the awakening of desire, persons are stories, you are a story, evangelization as the crossing of stories, The Zone as metaphor for sainthood, finding Luke Skywalker and being Obi-Wan, outreach as an information gun. 

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