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Episode 5: The Whaley Show

June 22, 2018

In this episode, after an update on keto, weight loss and hope, Missouri weather acclimation, The Long Cut,  Father’s Day grub getting, the joy of horseradish, annoying giggly girls, the new office, StoryBrand, Fr. Leo and Shoot the Shiitake, and a super huge birthday shout out to Hope Schneir, with epilogue on Catholics making good music, Andrew settles in for a good old fashioned rant, with moments of musing, but still ranting….”rant-musing?” in his usual frustrated, worked up, and non-linear way about the Border issue. Including…whether or not the last honest journalist out the door shut off the lights, on seeking reality and just telling the truth, CGI, blinding flashes of the obvious, just because it’s legal doesn’t make it moral, people are persons, you can make a tacky table out of a stuffed coyote, but you can’t make a table out of people, borders are legitimate, people have the right to migrate to feed their family, CSD taking people to the woodshed, don't build a wall,  build a wall, what kind of wall, could policy be a wall, Oculus Rift, cows, be generous, the need for sushi in MO and more tacos everywhere, The Teacher Formerly Known as The Farmer Formerly Known as Zack the Space Plumber, Adam Beach, Denver Faith and Culture Meeting, and Joe Marocco and his move to Mill City roaster. Something to make everyone cheer and something to tick everyone off. Boom!

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