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Episode 298- Being Numb to Terror, Bricking the Precious Part II, and a Giant Place Filled With Air from an Airplane and Florescent Light but No Free Scotch or Blackjack.

March 23, 2017

In this episode, after a rumination on becoming callous to seeing terror on screens,  a tired, kicked, and beaten Andrew tells a late night saga of his day involving coffee, a Grace tune-up, burnt ends, meat candy, a broken and unresponsive iPhone, the universe laughing at his phone-based contingencies, ironic nomophobia, getting kicked by Verizon, being kicked while he was down by Google while down in Verizon, a trip to the mall, malls as casinos without the pure oxygen but with airplane air and no free scotch, being kicked while he was down in mall by Apple, an attempt at phoneless work, a second trip to the mall, being kicked by Apple again, brisket and the momentary solace of REM at Whole Foods, malls from his youth full of new games, cute girls, and dudes who looked like Duran Duran, Agua Preta Brazilian coffee, two Arabic dudes yelling at each to be heard over the music in their ear buds coupled with terror tension, a super loud phone talking guy sits right next to him in an empty cafe courtyard, a third…trip…. to the mall, 4 strikes at trying to buy a Santa Cruz hat, $138, a new screen on the iPhone, more information that he’s ever heard about Raider football, a scary and comforting story about a study on our brains, and………a shout out to Michael Miley. Boom!!

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