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Episode 10: The Whaley Show

August 10, 2018

In this episode, after an extended chatty travelogue about his trip to Denver including: feeling like a Hertz big shot, STAAAAHHHHGAAAZZZUUUUHHH, “goging”, a beautiful wedding for beautiful people, “chubbahockas”, digits, the Divine Liturgy, suuuuushiiiiii-ish, getting loved on, being surprised by getting to hang with his best friend Justin Schneir (drink.), and travel karma. Then, he addresses his last show, revisits married priests, affirms the celibate vocation, does the math on tithing, and explores the benefits of breathing with both lungs. Finally, in response to some advice given on a dance contest TV show, he explores how people listen and read through  lens of ideology by comparing the same advice from NeYo, Jordan Peterson, and Amy Cuddy on her TED talk, followed by an extended muse/rant on why people are drawn to Peterson, Trump in the rust belt, the alt right, reality as a clash of tribes, why vegans shape their food like meat, and so. much. more.

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