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Episode 301- Calix on the Road, Shout Out to Sharon, Idealizing Long Drives and Small Towns, and Bishop Conley and the Grateful Dead.

April 3, 2017

In this episode, a tired and road weary Andrew posts up in what ends up being a slightly sketchy park in Topeka, KS to recap his trip to the Symposium on Advancing the New Evangelization, and while focusing on not getting mugged discusses hard lessons about SD cards, how much he loved Sharon from Frisco, TX’s email, how he idealizes things but then doesn’t actually like them, long drives, small towns, big chains, McDonalds, Daisy Chain Atlantic, owning a coffeehouse, eating gas station chicken livers like his spirit animal Anthony Bourdain, AI peeps out of context, shout out to the Logans, 8th Day Institute, Rod Dreher, The Benedict Option, Patrick Deneen, David Schindler, 30,000ft context, what have lost and don’t know we lost, how he was largely wrong about the Benedict Option, how Zach is a Space Plumber, and talking to Bishop Conley about the Grateful Dead. 

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