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Coffee and Pearls - STQ: Sugar, Sex, Lent

March 12, 2019
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2. I'm totally off sugar and feeling like a superhero for all the things I've said no to. I did buy a sugar-free caramel syrup to put in my coffee though and that's been delightful one or two mornings a week!
3. Your goals are like a campfire, not a chair. When you build a chair, you can expect it'll be there tomorrow. When you build a campfire, you know you'll have to rebuild it every morning. Focusing on goals and reigniting that fire should be a daily activity!
4. Did you see that all 9 Season of Little House on the Prairie are now on Amazon Prime??? This is one of the few shows we let our children watch. Check it out here:
5. I'm 12.5 weeks pregnant. My morning sickness and exhaustion are fading so I'm looking forward to a smooth sailing second trimester! Food is still a complete wildcard. I have no idea what I can eat or not but the baby promptly tells me when my husband says a food or when I smell a food! Currently, the baby always wants cheeseburgers and I'm blessed that my husband makes ah-mazing cheeseburgers! He won't tell me how he spices them!
6. Sex in the middle of the night has been surprisingly good and has a lot less pressure! Listen to the podcast version of this and I explain why!
7. I am doing the Jesus Tree from Catholic Sprouts with the girls for Lent. I love the Jesse Tree of Advent so I was excited when she put this out. Order it now and start late because you know what, anything worth doing is worth doing poorly!