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Catholic Hipster Podcast Ep 23 - Crunch On This!

February 28, 2018

*We thought this was episode 22. It's episode 23. We are awesome.

Tommy & Sarah welcomed the gents from The Crunch podcast, Ethan and Pat. Ethan is a junior at Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS studying Electrical Engineering while Pat, the second funniest co-host of The Crunch Podcast, is a sophomore Theology/Communications double major at Franciscan University of Steubenville.

They talk about SEEK 2017, weird Catholic Twitter (don't ask), random music, being uncool, why Tommy & Sarah are so old ... it's our longest podcast to date. We can't really list it all out. So just listen, okay?

You can connect with The Crunch guys here:

Tommy & Sarah can be found doing nonsense here:

If we missed anything, contact Sarah so she can add it to the show notes. She's trying to do better at these as a 2017 resolution.

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