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Catholic Answers Live - Open Forum

September 2, 2020

Questions Covered

  • 01:10 - Why does the doxology say “present and future?” 
  • 04:53 - How do we know that the first cause is the Christian God and not some polytheistic god? 
  • 15:13 - Is it sinful for a baptized Catholic to be baptized into a different denomination? And is it sinful for my family to attend that baptism? 
  • 20:05 - How do I respond to people who say Catholics divide their loyalty between the Vatican and America? 
  • 28:52 - Why do we say Mary and Joseph were married if they never consummated it? 
  • 40:52 - How can I explain to a young child what “I have the body of Jesus in my hand” means? 
  • 47:35 - Why do some Catholics worship Mary?

Resources Mentioned

Behold Your Mother by Tim Staples


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